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Kara is a certified professional air brush tanning colorist and uses the highest quality products to make sure that your spray tan is perfect (no streaks or patchiness!). She’s also super friendly and committed to giving the best experience you’ve ever had.

So whether it’s your first time getting a spray tan or you've been hoping to get a consistent routine with the same professional colorist each time, she’s the right person for you!




Full Body: One application to the entire body and the option of another application to the face/neck for long lasting color and optimal coverage. 


Partial Body: One application to midsection and lower or midsection and above. 

Before Appointment: Shower & exfoliate day of airbrushing no lotions or make up. Hydrated skin is the essential key for maintaining a longer-lasting tan. Wear loose fitting clothing
After Care: Tan should develop within 12 hours and should result in skin coloration that is 1 to 2 shades darker than the shade of the bronze. Allow 8-12 hours after the tanning session before showering. Ideally, DHA needs 12 hours for the skin to develop its full tanned color. Allow about 10 minutes for drying time after application before dressing.

Q & A

Can I shave before the spray tan appointment?  Absolutely, ensure there are no remaining lotions on your skin prior to appointment. 
How long after my spray tan is it recommended to shave? Wait to shave until spray tan has had enough time to develop (8-12 hours). Then it's completely fine to shower & shave. 
What does the solution feel like after it's applied? Getting sprayed is a little chilly while getting a fine mist of solution applied to your body. Then you are dried. There is no pain or stickiness to the application.  
Do I need to be completely naked to get a spray tan? Free disposable panties are available. It is up to the customers discretion as to how much coverage they feel comfortable in wearing/not. 
What color of solution is best for my skin type? There are several shades available. The colorist will assist in selecting the best shade for your skin tone.
How long does the color last? The color should last about two weeks depending on how often you exfoliate. 
How soon before an event should I get my spray tan? For the best color the spray tan should be completed 1-2 days prior before an event.
Does the spray tan rub off? The spray tan does not rub off once it is dried and developed. 




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"I love my tan! No streaks, everything is even and looks so natural. I was in and out in minutes and felt very comfortable in the booth. Best part was how affordable it is!"


"It turned out fantastic and looks really good and natural. Very even tan, done with excellent customer service. Would come back."


"Very satisfied and will be coming back! Kara took her time to make sure I was happy and even followed up with me to check in."


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